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My own experience.

Hei people!

My name is Lydia, I am the other Spanish volunteer who is living in Marttinen.
Today I speak about my own experience as a volunteer and the reasons that made me decide choose this youth center and this country.
The most important motive  for me was that unfortunately in Spain  the unemployment rate is quite raised, especially for the youth people; Despite of I have an University degree and a master I couldn´t get any job there due to the difficult situation that previously I have described; On the other hand, my level of english was rather poor and I wanted to improve it.
 Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated because you shut down in your own problems and you can´t see anything. I felt like that. I knew my life was eager  a definitely change because I needed. Several months later I get down to work and I found a website where you could  find a wide database with different kind of European projects.
The problem of this website  is that if you want to work as a EVS, you should have a sending organization and in our case (Adrián and me) there is one which made every effort to we are here right now.
 When I made contact with the Office of my sending organization, they explained to me what should I did If I wanted to get a project. One of the first place that I saw was the project of Marttinen that seems me interesting because I like being in contact with the nature, and this country is very develop in several areas very important to me like Educational and libraries Systems. In that moment I wrote up my motivation letter and my english Cv and I sent both to my  organization  which made contact with Marttinen and finally called me to comunicated me, that I had been selected for belong of this project. I couldn´t belive it; the beginning of a dream was close.

 After one month looking forward to that moment, we arrived to Marttinen at the end of the last january.
Since then I have felt here like the protagonist of a story: amazing landscapes that I had never seen before, a lot of new activities like archery or snowshoes, new feelings and sensations, the possibility to work in a different departments, international exchanges, new friends, interesting travels; of course sometimes there are bad moments but the good things overtake it. This experience make me grow up like person and I feel a lucky person. I give thanks to all the workers each one of which teach me something new every day. Thank you Marttinen for make my dream reality and give me the opportunity of discover that the world is bigger than it seems.

                                         Lydia 12.03.2015

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