torstai 5. maaliskuuta 2015

EVS volunteers in Marttinen

I am Adrian , I work as a volunteer here, in Marttinen. I am from Spain and I will be in this beautiful place for 9 months. I have come with the EVS programme. This programme is part of the  Erasmus+ programme and it is financed by the European Union.

If you want know more about EVS, I will write more about it  in the blog in the future. 
I share this volunteer role with a  Spanish girl, Lydia. ( She will also write in this blog). 
I help different  departments in the center. I can help in: kitchen, as a instructor, cleaning, marketing or with the maintenance service. 

I  chose this project because I like  outside activities and I wanted to get toknow a place totally different to Spain, my country. 
At the moment, I am happy in Marttinen and in the next months, the weather will be better so I m going to do many activities. I love  sport! 

From now on I'll post pictures of my experiences here.

It is a beautiful place! 

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