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Our live as an EVS in Marttinen continue...

Our last months in Marttinen

Since the last time that we wrote  in this blog , many importants  events  have  happened.
We have tried to organized  them  in chronological order:

DISCO 13.03.2015
In the first week of  March we went to one disco with the students  of the Virrat Highschool. This activity was organized by the older students  whose be part of  Virrat  youth association.
We could dance with all of them  during  a couple of hours , and Adrian even  played with some of them   one game of table football!!

Global Action Day 10.04.2015
Until almost  march we  were organizing one international activity called “Global Action Day” about the realization of  six different workshops for the students of Virrat´s Highschool  with  other  EVS ( European Voluntary Service) whose  came from different  European countries , in this case:  England, Lienchestestein, Germany , Slovakia  and  us, both from Spain. The chosen day was Friday 10th, May. Previously  of this day, We had 3 meetings in the Virrat’s highschool, were the students explained us their points of view and suggestions  to  improve our own ideas.
In each one of this workshop , we  had the chance to show  the students our culture and customs , they chose three workshops  between the possible options.
Finally everything happened as planned, and We are plenty satisfied  with the results.
The develop of  this activity could be possible with the collaboration of  the  Virrat´s students and 4 Evs  whose came from  Villa Elba´s  youth center.For us was a pleasure to welcome everybody  in our workplace.

One Day in Tredu School 13.04.2015
After the “ Global Action Day” we had the opportunity to know the technical formation  School “Tredu” .
At the beginning  when we arrived to the center  we had to do a litle introduction about ourselves and our country similar that we did in "Global Action Day"
After  that, we had  the opportunity to know  the center  and the  students of each  specialisation.
Everybody were really charming with us  and it was a nice experience.

 Visit to Vasatokka  ( Inari- Lapland) 16.04.2015
Every two months, we have a meentoring  day with other volunteers and our mentor, Sara, in this occasion, all of us went to  Vasatokka Youth Center , which is in the north of Lapland.
After almost one day in the road, finally we arrived to  Vasatokka  and we were welcomed  by Lara, one of the  spanish Evs.
In Lapland  we had the chance to do different kind of activities. In the morning of the first day we went to one school where we could try to learn “Reindeers’ hunting” , and after that we went to  SIIDA museum  about the history  of Soumis People. In the afternoon  we  did an orientation game with a suculent  recompense , pancakes  and sausages for everybody!!
The last day in the morning  we did  nordic  walking skii, and finally in the afternoon we did sliding.
In the evening  we had a meeting in the campfire and we  were singing and telling terror histories  around a bonfire ,during  more than 2 hours.

Environment Activities.

 Video with Martti’s Frog ( April and may 2015)
In this activity we  had to make a video about how can We make aware  the children  about the important of  recycling  for the maintenance  of the nature and enviroment.
Our mascot, Martti´s Frog  helped us   to recorded one video  where  we used the differents containers (separated by materials) in the correct way. It was a really funny activity. Thank you Martti for help us!!
Enviroment Walls. May 2015.
During all this month we have been creating some walls about stuffs  in relation with the nature and sostainable lifestyle.
One of them show  the most important Finnish days  which happen  something  refers to the respect between humans and nature. In the other one we have searched some Finnish  flowers in internet and  each one of them  have and horoscope meaning which determine your  personality.
Visit  Natural park “ Helventinjärvi” (20.05.2015)
During the last week  we did  some activities like for instance,  the visit to the Natural park of  “Helventinjärvi” where there are and incredibles views  and you are really in contact with the nature, this sensation of peaceful and charm is incredible.

Our travels
One of the most positive things to do a EVS Project is that  this experience allow you travel a lot around the world.
Adrian have alredy been  in London, Stockholm, Tallinn and St.Petersburg and in the next months He will be in 6 european Cities more (Berlin, Paris, Bruxells, Amsterdam, Bremen, Helsinki)

On the other hand Lydia have alredy visited Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and St. Petersburg and in the next months She will visit Stockholm, Göteborg, Warsov, Oslo and maybe Copenhague.

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