keskiviikko 9. lokakuuta 2013

Jobshadow at Marttinen

Moi, as the Finnish would say. I´m a German girl named Lena, and I am in Virrat for 3 weeks. This is my first time in Finland and I really like it - the beautiful landscape with a lot of lakes and the nice colors of the forest.

I live in a comfortable apartment near the lake Toisvesi and I love the calm there.  My working place is Marttinen and I have to say, that it is a very beautiful place to work, and i´m already sad, that I have to leave in 2 weeks, not only because of  the delicious  food and my own buereau. 

I have been to the forest to visit a school camp and take some pictures of them, I´ve painted a baloonrack for the kids and I make some marketing work here at Marttinen: last week we went to school to present the company, we sat down in a circle to plan the Halloween party at the 1st of November and we are going to create a package for international school classes to come here to Marttinen.

I have already met another German guy and a girl from Spain, so it is very international here and very good to better up my own English skills.

In my free time I have visited Tampere last weekend and next weekend I will go to Helsinki. As you can see, I enjoy my time in Finland, and I would always come back to this nice spot of earth.

Greetings, Lena

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